Company Profile 



Established in 1998, SHERN YEONG PRECISE OPTICAL CO., LTD. is engaged in the development of precision mold and high quality plastic elements based on the spirit of continuous improvement and the enriched experiences accumulated through the years. The company keeps improving product quality and expects to develop more diversified products in the future.

As a professional manufacturer of optical equipment, SHERN YEONG has all operations, including optical design, mold design, mold opening, injection molding, optical coating, finished product assembly, and inspection, conducted in our own factory. The company possesses self-owned technologies in optical design, mold manufacturing, and forming. Based on our practical experiences in plastic injection, we supply our customers with satisfactory optical system components through improving our abilities in mold development continuously.

The current production items of SHERN YEONG include digital camera lens, phone camera lens, optical elements, prism, LED lens, laser lens, CIS scanner optical wand, CCD and CMOS bar code scanner lens, etc.

SHERN YEONG always pursues to the tenet of providing the best service for our customers. After the customers provide product specifications, they can get the customized products within the shortest time without shuttling fro and to our factory during the whole process of giving order and finishing the sample. We can provide you whatever you want for we have excellent optical designers as well as the most precise instrument and the most experienced professionals.




Operation Idea

Provide customers with zero-defect products and services, and satisfy customer requirements with the most competitive products. Sustainable development: provide high-quality products, and establish the corporate image of serving society. The perfection of details is the final target of SHERN YEONG.

Provide our staff with a good working environment and career development opportunities. We attach importance to every employee. Besides a good working environment, we provide them with learning and growth spaces as well as opportunities to actualize oneself and create enriched benefits for the society at the same time when developing the company.

Through the years of operating, we have been highly recognized by upstream customers thanks to our performance in quality and delivery time. Therefore, we intend to expand the scope of our business, enter the field of optical element molding, and actively march forward to the optical industry with a promising prospect. In the future, we will actively integrate our technologies in mold development and plastic injection molding, and further improve our product development abilities and serve our customers with more maturated technologies and better quality according to the actual market demand.

To accumulate technical experiences and ensure the product quality, we not only recruit new technicians continuously, but also strengthen the channels of promotion for our employees and encourage them to bring forward innovative ideas for the company. We provide a good working environment to feed back employees, in the hope of detaining the excellent talents to grow together with the company, and thus improve the quality of service and product and improve the competitiveness of the company.

No.315, Siangjhong Rd., Dongcheng Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL:+886-3-9596588 FAX:+8863-9596700