Company Evolution

Apr.2017 Japan Photonix 2017 Successfully concluded.
2016 Made ISO13485 qualification.
Medical products have reached the company's sales of 10%.
2015 ISO13485 application.
Bought 2 ultra-precision processing machine, the accuracy of 0.1nm.
2014 The new generation to complete the production into the volume,and all into the automation equipment. Purchase of plating machine.
2013 purchase of new equipment to increase the original capacity of five percent.
2012 Expansion of capacity II plants to build.
2011 Free-Form lens and large Free-Form mirror production.
2010 DOE imaging system mass production.
Set up the automation department.
Jun.2009  LEN ARRAY CORE up to 10 inches in diameter.
Jan.2009  New product development completed → LENS ARRAY up to 2500pcs
PITCH up to 0.4mm, precision up to 10nm.
Aug.2008 The purchase of 2 - axis, 3 - axis and 5 - axis 1 super - precision machining machine.
Oct.2007 Obtained ISO14000 quality qualification .
Jan .2006 Mainland Shenzhen factory was established.
Sept. 2005 Brand-new equipment and 10K dust-free workshop added
Jun. 2005 Passed ISO9001 quality certification.
Aug. 2004 More land was bought for building workshop.
Aug. 2003 Super-precise grinding machine and non-spheric measuring instrument were added.
Mar. 2002 With the expansion of business, the company was moved to Dongshan Longde Industrial Zone.
Apr. 2001 Galvanizing equipment was added.
Dec. 1998 The founder of the company thought highly of the prospect of plastic optical element manufacturing. So he invested in the manufacturing of plastic optical elements and established SHERN YEONG Precise Optical Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1998 The company was established with a capital of NT$8 million.

No.315, Siangjhong Rd., Dongcheng Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL:+886-3-9596588 FAX:+8863-9596700