SHERN YEONG pursues to the corporate idea of “sincerity, service and professionalism” and provides all-around services. The company integrates human resource, strengthens corporate organization, and expands the scope of service continuously, so as to feed back the customers with more diversified services and provide active, professional, effective and technical services through continuous learning. The company works hard to improve professional quality, pursue to stable operation, and encourage innovation not only in product design, but also in company operation, to operate the company in the most effective way and with the most effective human resource to achieve the best effect. The company encourages employees to be active, responsible, and innovative and seek development potential in their jobs, thus increasing their sense of achievement. In respect of HR management, SHERN YEONG strengthens education and training, requires employees to keep the conception of quality in mind, and expects them to grow with the company. The company hopes that the employees not only have the technologies in precision mold and forming, but also can produce high-quality products and provide satisfactory service to meet customer requirements. SHERN YEONG will not only actively integrate our technologies in mold development and plastic injection molding, but also further improve our product development abilities and serve our customers with more maturated technologies and better quality according to the actual market demand. We strive for breakthroughs in technology and manufacturer high-quality precision optical products to satisfy the demand of the vast customers. Sticking to the product policy of perfection and innovation, the company expands the market share of existing products, develops new products to exploit new markets continuously, and keeps improving competitive advantages and know-how.

No.315, Siangjhong Rd., Dongcheng Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL:+886-3-9596588 FAX:+8863-9596700